Koi Fish Types And Varieties

July 7, 2018

a picture of koi fish

KOI Fish Varieties And Types

Koi Tale is not a professional on kinds of koi fish. Koi Story is all about loving you koi, not obtaining covered up on what kind of koi fish it is.

Nishikigoi – This internet site is an excellent visual source for recognizing koi fish ranges. Nishikigoi has substantial pictures of several kinds of koi, incuding Gosanke, Bekko, Utsurimono, Asagi, Tancho, Hikarimono, Goromo, Hikarimoyo, Matsuba and also Kawarimono. It’s a wonderful visual guide that highlights koi fish shades as well as ranges of koi.

Amarillo Koi Society – The Amarillo Koi Society is an additional wonderful collection of photos of various ranges of koi. They most of the very same types of koi as Nishikigoi, in addition to instances of Kohaku, Sanke, Showa, Ogon, Chagoi, Shusui, Doitsu, Kodomono, Ochiba-Shigure and the Midori Goi koi varieties. These individuals actually understand their things and also worth a browse through.

Koi and Water Garden Culture of Central New York – Black koi fish, red koi, yellow koi, metallic koi. They likewise go right into details about koi with silver gleaming scales (ginrin) and also gold sparkling ranges (kinrin) – koi with both are kinginrin.

Zazizam.com – As if there just weren’t adequate types of koi fish noted here already, this source is one of lots of on the web that hold a fantastic infographic that add selections like Goshiki, Kumonryu, Kujaku, Gin Matsuba, Orenji Ogon, Platinum Ogon and also Yamabuki Ogon to our checklist of sorts of koi.

Antonio Koi – This site has an unusual enhancement to the koi details landscape. Antonio Koi notes Japanese syllables and their meanings for every of the lots of selections of koi. If you’re trying to keep in mind kinds of koi, we very suggest this study guide.

Wikipedia – And also if that wasn’t sufficient, leave it to Wikipedia to have a couple of more types of koi to add to the checklist. Have a look at the Ghost koi as well as Butterfly Koi in their checklist of varieties of koi.
So there you have it. You could take a look at these resources for information on pure-blooded koi. Do you have a site that should get on this listing? Let us know!

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