Koi Feeding Tips

July 7, 2018


The very best component regarding increasing koi fish is feeding them! Seeing them pertain to the surface or even eating from the palm of your hand is the very best bonding experience between expanding koi fish as well as their proprietors.

It’s stated that koi have a memory of around 3 mins, yet they could learn how to recognize their feeders. Talk about careful memory! We’ve set up some wonderful pointers in order to help you end up being a become your koi’s favorite face, even if they’re the pickiest koi-nnoisseur.


  1. Feed your fish approximately 4 times daily. Just feed them as long as they could consume in regarding a five minute period.
  2. Koi fish eat nearly anything, from tiny pests and also pests, to plants and algae at the bottom of the fish pond, to store-bought koi fish food
  3. Koi will certainly even consume individuals food. They love grain, lettuce, shrimp, rice, peas, watermelon … virtually anything we such as, koi fish consider food.
  4. Stay clear of feeding your koi fish before tornados. Fish need even more oxygen when absorbing food. When it rains, oxygen degrees airborne dip down, so you can see why it’s a poor koi fish feeding time.
  5. Your expanding koi will certainly remember you as their feeder after just a brief quantity of time. Constantly feed them as well as they will certainly begin to welcome you as you come close to the pond.
  6. Your smaller koi fish will certainly need to eat flake or little koi food. Larger koi fish favor pebble food.
  7. Your koi fish prefer even more carbohydrate-rich foods early in the springtime and late in the autumn while healthy protein is much better in very early summer when breeding impends (er, fish pond).
  8. Koi fish feeding time is fun. Appreciate your special time with your beloved growing koi!
  9. Koi fish could go all wintertime without consuming because their metabolic process reduces to a crawl
  10. Koi fish feeding is not suggested if your pump breaks since your koi require oxygen to absorb their food.

Many thanks for reviewing our koi fish feeding suggestions. Do you have one that’s not provided right here? Let us know.

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