a picture of a golden koi

Beginners Guide To Raising Koi Fish

July 7, 2018

a picture of a golden koi


You’re made the most outstanding decision to start elevating koi fish of your own. Koi Tale has put with each other this little overview to jump-start your expertise on your fish pond/habitat, koi care and various other general koi expertise.


Koi are a hearty participant of the carp fish family as well as could take care of quite a bit if the problems of your koi carp pond are right. Seasonal ponds ought to go to the very least a 1.5 deep (half a meter) while year-long fish ponds need to go to least 4.5 feet (1.5 meters). Water must be kept between 60 as well as 75 degrees F (regarding 15-25 levels C).

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Past depth and temperature level, your koi/carp/fish requirement a few important points in a fish pond environment:.

  • Shade: At the very least 50% of your fish pond should be covered by greenery or an additional type of color. Your koi fish require a proper mix of sunlight as well as color.
  • Oxygen: It is necessary to have a resource of oxygen in your pond. Getting a pump to distribute and also freshen your fish pond water, infusing much-need oxygen right into your koi carp fish pond. Raising koi is impossible without an oxygen-rich atmosphere.
  • Greenery: Plant is essential to your koi fish because they create oxygen, cover from predators and in some cases another source of food. Having a lot of water lettuce or lily pads is a good idea.

a picture of a mix of koi breeds


You have a crucial decision to earn when the cool winter season begin to embed in: do you maintain you koi in your fish pond or bring them inside?


Your pond should be a minimum of 4.5 feet deep to stay clear of turning your fish into a Popsicle. That’s the first and also major policy. Remember that a pond that hasn’t been cleaned in a while is properly shallower if there is a build-up of debris below the koi pond.

Your koi will not require to consume during the winter months due to the fact that their metabolic process slows down to a crawl. The heating unit keeps a small opening at the top of the fish pond throughout the entire winter. The hold allows the gas getaway and maintains your fish risk-free from an unsafe accumulation of nitrogen gas.


Be certain to provide your fish plenty of room (regulation of thumb: 1″ of fish for every 10 gallons of water), oxygen and also food throughout the training course of the winter months. Make sure to slowly warm or awesome differences in water temperature when moving your koi fish to prevent surprising them.


Koi fish have actually been elevated to live to over 225 years of ages, making them the longest-living vertebrates in the world. Raising Koi is fairly easy, fun and rewarding. Simply be sure to comply with the environment tips provided right here, feed your koi consistently as well as maintain them safe from predators like herons, cats as well as hawks.

Thanks for reviewing our guide on elevating koi fish. Do you have an idea that we missed? Tell us your koi raising suggestion here.

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